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Why do you require such a detailed health form?

A complete health form is mandatory for all registrations.  It is essential for our staff to know the health history of the children who will be under their care during the summer.

  • Parents are asked to provide details about all allergies.  Students with severe allergies that are considered life-threatening, must come to camp with an Epi-Pen and know how to use it.
  • We ask for details about any mental health issues because staff need to be prepared to provide emotional support students as much as possible.  We encourage honesty and transparency.
  • All medication will be safely stored under the care of our programme health care staff.  Instructions must be in English.  Students who require injections must come to camp knowing how to administer themselves.  Our health care staff are not authorized to administer injections, except in an emergency (Epi-Pen).
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