Summer City Programmes

Live, Learn and Grow

Do you want to travel and improve your English, while discovering a new city and meeting people from around the world? If so, the CISS Summer City Programmes are for you! We’ve designed these programmes to meet your language learning goals while immersing you in a community of peers. Together, you’ll navigate some of Canada’s most exciting urban locations, learning new skills and making new friends along the way for an experience that is sure to last a lifetime.

The CISS Summer City Programmes give you the chance to live, learn, and grow. And, most importantly, to have fun doing it.

Summer Camps

The CISS Difference

Since 1979, CISS has provided students from around the world the opportunity to come together in Canada for transformative summer learning experiences in traditional camps, language programs in cities, and other adventure experiences. With a focus on fun and unique opportunities to learn, our summer programmes promise to give you the experience—and the Canadian memories—of a lifetime.

Premium locations – students live in university residences and have their classes in university classrooms
Specialized care for the unique needs of Campers
Motivated, caring and qualified staff
Personal attention
Student-centred programmes fostering independence
Programmes to suit different interests and ability levels
Strong focus on Canadian traditions
Fostering a multicultural and open-minded atmosphere

CISS at Trinity

Experience higher learning in the heart of Toronto in a traditional university setting.

CISS Toronto

Language study, global leadership skills development and Toronto city adventures at their best!

CISS Vancouver

Global English skills for the 21st Century at a university setting in beautiful British Columbia.


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Find out what our students think about our programmes…

This camp really surprised me. It gave me a really good experience having discussions with all my friends from different countries and I learned a lot from cultural differences. It really inspired me and I really like it.

Kelly Taiwan

This experience has definitely changed me because I would love to learn English more. The relationship between the staff and the students is very good.

Okamoto Japan

St. Michael’s gives you a great opportunity to make new friends from all over the world!
I probably got more independent… I learned how to use every moment I have with my new friends… Furthermore, I lost my fear of speaking English in public!

Anna-Lena, Mexico

Study Tours

Study Tours provide an opportunity for students to practice their English, integrate with local students in a high school, experience life with a host family, enjoy unique activities, and have a genuine Canadian cultural experience.

High School

Whether you’re looking for a more academic environment, or specific classes, or a school with great sports, our wide variety of options means we have something for everyone.

Experience Canada

Canada is the world’s second largest country, and is divided into 10 provinces and three territories. Travelling from west to east, each region of Canada offers visitors something unique to see and do.