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The Canadian Experience of a Lifetime

Summer Programmes

A variety of programmes to choose from

Since 1979, CISS has provided students from around the world the opportunity to come together in Canada for transformative summer learning experiences in traditional camps, language programs in cities, and other adventure experiences. With a focus on fun and unique opportunities to learn, our summer programmes promise to give you the experience—and the Canadian memories—of a lifetime.

Years of Experience

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City Programmes

Live, Learn and Grow
Want to travel and improve your English while discovering a new city and meeting people from around the world? Our Summer City Programmes are for you! We’ve designed these programmes to meet your language learning goals while immersing you in a community of peers. Together, you’ll navigate some of Canada’s most exciting urban locations, learning new skills and making new friends along the way that will serve you for a lifetime.
CISS Summer City Programmes give you the chance to live, learn, and grow. And, most importantly, to have fun doing it


Choose the best path for you

For international students interested in topics “beyond ESL”, our Special Interest Courses allow them to gain knowledge and skills in a subject area while practicing their English in a supportive environment. From leadership skills to entrepreneurship to preparation for university life and careers, these courses reflect the interests and passions of today’s youth and are designed to help prepare them for future success. 

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What programme participants say about their experiences

I met a lot of friends from all over the world and I’ve enjoyed my time here at Trinity. This is the best experience of my life and will hopefully return!


This camp is amazing!! Here you can meet new people and places, and have fun every single day!


Trinity is a great option because all the teachers, counsellors and students are very nice and it is fun to spend time with them!

Joe, Germany

Arrival   Jul-23 Jul-30 Aug-06
Jul-10 2 Weeks
$ 4,150
3 Weeks
$ 5,775
4 Weeks
$ 7,300
Jul-17   2 Weeks
$ 4,150
3 Weeks
$ 5,775
Jul-24     2 Weeks
$ 4,150

High School

Whether you’re looking for a more academic environment, specific classes, or a school with great sports, our wide variety of options means we have something for everyone.

Study Tours

Study Tours provide an opportunity for students to practice their English, integrate with local students in a high school, experience life with a host family, enjoy unique activities, and have a genuine Canadian cultural experience.

Experience Canada

Canada is the world’s second largest country, and is divided into 10 provinces and three territories. Travelling from west to east, each region of Canada offers visitors something unique to see and do.