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How are students met upon arrival to Canada?

Once students pass through Customs & Immigration, they must collect their luggage and exit into the Arrivals Hall.  CISS camp staff wait for students in the Arrivals Hall.  They wear blue CISS T-shirts and carry a CISS welcome sign with the name of the summer programme clearly marked.

If a student cannot find our staff after 30 minutes, they should call our emergency phone number:
1-866-305-CISS [2477] or 1-416-646-1225.  Students should not leave the area until they locate CISS camp staff.

Students who travel with their airline as Unaccompanied Minors (UMs) are met by their designated greeter.

Students are transferred to the the campus via coach, mini-van, or taxi.  In all cases, students are accompanied by a CISS staff.

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