Documents for Agents

Camp Photos for Agents 2020

Our gallery of photos are selected in high resolution for use in promotional material and support your sales. Find them in the links below. Swallowdale Camp Lakefield Camp CISS Vancouver CISS St. Michael's CISS at Trinity

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Summer 2019 – Arrival Checklist

Preparing for your summer CISS is looking forward to another great summer ahead!  Our staff are working hard to prepare for your arrival and are very excited to welcome you to your summer home away from home.  We can’t wait to show you our great country and watch you...

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Homestay FAQs – September Arrivals

We are getting ready to host our students in a safe and welcoming environment in ther host families. Our agent network has contacted us with multiple questions and we would like to present you with the our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's). What happens if a student...

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School Board Additional Documents

Please download the documents relevant to the school board you are applying to. The forms will not work on a browser. By submitting the School Board forms along with the application, the registration process will be faster.   Quebec School Board Documents...

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