ESL 4 Coding

Opening doors to a world of new opportunities!

Unlock the potential of coding by enrolling in this new course tailored specifically for international students! In today’s tech-driven landscape, the ability to code is an invaluable skill, and proficiency in English is a gateway to global opportunities. Our course merges these two essential skills, providing a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Our experienced instructors will guide students on an exciting journey of creativity and problem-solving, helping them build games, apps, and websites while enhancing their English fluency. Students will gain confidence in their ability to code in English and will feel empowered to turn their creative ideas into reality.

esl 4 coding

Key Facts


  • CISS Toronto Campus


  • All levels of English accepted
  • Basic computer knowledge required

Key Outcomes

  • Language proficiency
  • Practical coding skills
  • Teamwork skills

Session Length

2 weeks session


Student residence

Weekly Hours

20 Hours per week

esl 4 coding

Programme Details

Combining English + coding for future success in a tech-driven world.

Ideal Candidate
  • All levels of English accepted
  • Students with a basic understanding of how to use computers and navigate software interfaces
  • Students who are passionate about exploring and learning coding languages and their applications
  • Students who work well with others and are comfortable sharing ideas
Programme Outcomes
  • Valuable teamwork skills
  • Improved Language Proficiency
  • Practical Coding Skills
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Global Awareness
  • Effective Communication
Course Outline


Coding Basics: Students learn fundamental coding concepts such as variables, data types, conditional statements, and loops, gaining practical coding experience.

English Integration: The course emphasizes the importance of English in coding, teaching relevant vocabulary and phrases and encouraging discussions and documentation in English.

Problem Solving: Students practice problem-solving skills through coding exercises, discussions, and written problem descriptions.

Modular Coding: The concept of modular coding is introduced using Scratch or Blockly, focusing on functions and their role in creating organized and efficient code.

Coding Projects: Students bridge the gap between theory and practical application by collaborating on group projects using Arduino. This hands-on experience empowers students to see tangible results making for a more rewarding learning experience.


Advanced Coding: Students transition from visual to text-based coding using Java. More complex coding topics are explored, including data structures and debugging techniques.

Web Development: Basic web development concepts are introduced and students learn how to use Java for backend development to create simple webpages.

Coding Projects: Students continue work on their group projects, showcasing their newly acquired coding and English skills.

Project Presentations: Group presentations of student projects are a key element of the course, allowing students to explain their work and its connection to English and coding.

Course Reflection: Students have an opportunity to consider the impact of their experience on their future learning goals.

esl 4 coding

Programme Structure

Students have 20 hours of lessons, taught by qualified instructors.  Lessons will take place in the mornings with opportunity for project work and presentation planning taking place throughout the course.

After lessons are over, students will join in with the regularly activity and excursion schedule for the camp.  Activities and excursions take place in both the afternoon and evening and are designed to showcase the best of what each city has to offer.

esl 4 coding

Available Locations

Please go to the CISS Toronto page for more details about the programme.

Arrival   Jul-23 Jul-30 Aug-06
Jul-10 2 Weeks
$ 4,150
3 Weeks
$ 5,775
4 Weeks
$ 7,300
Jul-17   2 Weeks
$ 4,150
3 Weeks
$ 5,775
Jul-24     2 Weeks
$ 4,150

ESL 4 Coding

2024 Dates & Fees

August 10
July 28
2 Weeks

Experience Matters

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Experience Matters

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ESL 4 Coding


Parents and students may have questions about our programme and we are happy to bring you the frequently asked questions here.

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