Preparing for your summer

CISS is looking forward to another great summer ahead!  Our staff are working hard to prepare for your arrival and are very excited to welcome you to your summer home away from home.  We can’t wait to show you our great country and watch you create life long memories.   Are you ready for a Canadian experience like no other?  See you soon!

1. Acceptance Letter

Students should have their CISS letter of acceptance, as well as a tourist visa in their passport – if required – for clearing Canadian immigration upon arrival. For non-visa travellers, don’t forget to have your eTA – Electronic Travel Authorization. This is a mandatory requirement for all individuals entering Canada who DO NOT require an entry visa.

2. Luggage

All luggage should be clearly tagged and students must be able to identify (or describe) their own baggage. Students who experience lost or damaged luggage should report it to the airline immediately BEFORE exiting the gate.

3. Meeting CISS Staff

Once past customs and through the arrivals gate, students should locate a CISS staff member wearing blue T-shirts and holding signs with the CAMP NAME (not the student name or agency name).

4. Remain at airport

Students must NOT leave the airport without checking in with their camp staff. All students are supervised and transported to their programme site by CISS staff.

5. Emergencies

In case of emergency, students can approach any CISS staff in the airport for assistance. All students should also carry our emergency telephone number which is TOLL FREE from within Canada or the US: 1-866-305-CISS (2477)

Unaccompanied Minors (UMs)

The CISS staff designated as the pick-up person for any students traveling on airlines as Unaccompanied Minors (UMs) should be provided to the airline in advance. The contact will vary according to flight times and airport terminals.  IMPORTANT: For all students arriving as UM this summer, proof of PRE-payment for this service must be provided.

To confirm the correct UM contact for your client, please contact us at bookings@cisscanada.com

Medical Forms & Flight Details

Agents are asked to kindly submit student’s complete medical health forms and flight information prior to the start of the summer season.

If you have any questions about this or any other part of the application process, please contact our bookings team at bookings@cisscanada.com