The CISS Difference

A message from our President…

The summer of 2018 will mark our 40th season of operation. At CISS, we are proud of this milestone and our pioneering role as one of the very first Canadian organizations to bring junior/teenage educational programming to the international market. We acknowledge that nurturing the boundless potential of young people for a few precious weeks each summer is both a responsibility and a privilege.

Celebrating our 150th anniversary as a nation recently created much introspection about our identity as Canadians. In examining ourselves as an organization, we see many similarities to what binds us together as a nation.

Our guiding principles are driven by our belief in experiencing the beauty of the land, innovating with new approaches to learning, promoting our shared existence as equals, and embracing the beautiful bounty that differences present to us. Our commitment to safety, quality standards, with qualified and caring staff also reflect the Canadian experience.

As a parent, you have many options available to you when selecting the most suitable study abroad experience. Often that decision process is based on little more than words on a page and images from a screen. Understanding the values of whom you will entrust your child should not be forgotten nor underestimated. Expectations should be matched.

At CISS, remaining true to our core ideals has served us well – our returning participants now span generations of families from around the world.

In 2018, we invite you to start your own family tradition with an unforgettable Canadian summer experience with CISS.

Adrienne Burtnick
Canadian International Student Services Inc.