• COVID-19 - Canada Facts

    Tue, 30 Jun 2020

    CISS understands the importance of reliable and current facts about the COVID-19 situation in Canada so parents and students can make informed decisions. Here is some highlighted information.

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  • High School - September 2020 Success Strategies

    Wed, 06 May 2020

    The CISS team of specialists is working on various strategies for students who are intending to start their High School programme in September.

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  • Catholic High Schools in Canada

    Tue, 30 Apr 2019

    Ontario and Alberta are two provinces in Canada that continue to offer publicly-funded school options under a Catholic banner. Learn more about them.

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  • Making the Most of Your High School Experience

    Mon, 13 Aug 2018

    If you are starting your High School programme now, you should read this!

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  • Why Choose Canada for Your High School Experience

    Why Choose Canada for Your High School Experience?

    Wed, 09 May 2018

    Our schools consistently rank number one among English-speaking countries for math, reading and science!

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  • Canada ranks 7th in World Happiness Report 2018

    Canada ranks 7th in World Happiness Report 2018,

    Thu, 15 Mar 2018

    #1 English Speaking Country

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