For Students whose programmes are ending in June 2020.

Final Grades

Since schools remain closed, most school districts have advised that final report cards will be sent in digital format this year. As we receive them over the next couple of weeks, we will forward them to you. Please note that some students may also receive their final marks directly from their teachers ahead of the official report cards.


For students who require covalidated transcripts for their recently completed studies, we anticipate significant delays, especially in Ontario and Quebec. The covalidation process requires multiple steps, and officials at every step of the process have indicated things will be slower than normal this year. In some cases, it could be as late as November before we can obtain covalidated transcripts; in other cases, we will be able to proceed quickly and stay close to the normal timelines.

We therefore ask for your patience and trust as we navigate this complex situation. We also encourage natural parents to speak with their child’s home school about this year’s unique situation, asking them to show understanding and re-admit students based initially on the digital report cards/final grades until official covalidated transcripts can be presented in the autumn.