Cold is Cool!

Study one semester in Canada Starting February 2023

Have you experienced a real winter?

Canada is known for their winter season. It’s festive, bustling and beautiful, there’s nothing like the fresh snow sparkling in the sun in the daytime or illuminated by twinkle lights at night. There are so many activities to do during the winter, you can ski or go for a sleigh ride, try snowshoeing into the backcountry or even go see some of the biggest collection of art and artifacts during one of the famous Christmas markets all over the country. Here are some of the activities that you can’t miss if you’re planning to study in Canada during the winter.

Paws Up!  – Dog Sledding

Are you a dog person? Then you should definitely try our one of the most authentic winter experiences in Canada: Dog sledding! Driver or passenger, let the sledge dogs guide you along the snowy trails in one of the most popular attractions of the season.

I know what you’re thinking, is this animal cruelty? Well canadians not only love international students, they also love animals, so  you can make sure that countless vets and dog sledding companies make sure that the huskies actually love mushing, and that each pup is treated extremely well with regular veterinary check-ups, lots of rest breaks and healthy food provided.

If you want to find out more information about dog sledding and the best locations to practice this winter magic experience in Ontario, you can find more information in the link below: https://ultimateontario.com/dog-sledding-in-ontario/

Freezing Hospitality – Ice Hotel

Make memories that will never melt away with one of the most iconic places to visit in the Quebec province: Hôtel de Glace.  Each winter, it takes over 50 ice sculptors and artists from all over Canada to work on these majestic snow arches, crystal clear ice sculptures and beautiful ice rooms, which makes this luxurious getaway a one-of-a-kind winter experience unique in North America.

You’re not studying in the Quebec province? Don’t worry! There are many different winter festivals and art exhibitions across the country with many things to see and experience. Find out more about your local attractions and enjoy the majestic ice sculptures that Canada has to offer. Not impressed? Try to build your own! There are no limits when it comes to ice artcrafts.

Downhill racers – Skiing and Ice skating

What every international student must do during their winter experience in Canada: Skiing. This traditional winter activity is one of the most popular among international students that probably have never seen snow before in their lives.

Whether it’s your first day going down a hill, or the fiftieth day catching the tracks, this winter activity is so popular and exciting that you’ll never get tired of trying it out. If you’re planning to study in the province of Ontario, try to check out the Blue Mountain Ski Resort,  this unique destination is what you need for a winter experience to remember forever.

British Columbia alone is home to thirteen major resorts with one of North America’s biggest snowfalls at Mt. Washington Alpine Resort. Alberta is home to Canada’s longest consecutively running annual ski race, so it doesn’t matter which community you choose for your international experience abroad, this activity is a MUST,.

Explore the city! – A little cold won’t stop you, right?

It doesn’t matter what location you select for your international semester abroad. Canada has so many great views and attractions for young students that want to experience real Canadian life. 

Grab yourself a hot chocolate from a local cafe, wander down streets adorned with twinkle lights, try out your very first beavertail! There are so many great things to do and explore in the city that you probably won’t be able to see it all.

Canada’s iconic ice outdoor ice rinks have some of the world’s largest or longest venues for this fun winter activity all over the world. Try to look for ones that feature amped-up entertainment like local DJs, get a hot beverage and enjoy your experience abroad.

If you’re staying in Ottawa, you must visit their picture-perfect Rideau Canal, which offers nearly eight kilometers of skating along the naturally frozen canal, which is usually open from January to March. 

Enjoy your Homestay experience!

Homestay accommodation is one of the key and most important features of the High School programme in Canada. Not only do the students get emotional support from their host parents during this experience abroad, they also become an important member of the family, with chores and responsabilities included. Winter is the perfect time of the year to get close to your host family, play some board games, watch a documentary on the tv or just get to know them on a personal level. Each family has many stories to share with their international student and the opportunity to learn from each other’s culture is a once in a lifetime experience that we should not take for granted.

Live like a local, experience a real Canadian family culture and enjoy your time in Canada during one of the most popular seasons of the year. Who said that cold weather was boring? Here at CISS MLI we strongly believe that cold… IS COOL. Do you?

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