The Canadian Government currently requires all travelers entering Canada to self-isolate for 14 days. For students enrolled in our High School programmes, CISS MLI is organizing a 14-day Orientation designed to meet this challenge and safely welcome everyone to Canada. Please read our FAQ about the Orientation below.

Orientation FAQs

Why is CISS MLI operating a 14-day Orientation Programme for September High School arrivals? 

The Canadian Government currently requires a 14-day self-isolation for all travelers entering Canada. Our Orientation programme is designed to meet this requirement.

Is there a cost to the client?  

For semester or full-year students enrolled in our fully serviced High School Programme (AYP), there is no cost. Additional costs apply for short term students and those in our Homestay Only programme. Please consult your sales representative for further information.

Where will the Orientation be held?  

We are planning one site in Ontario (YYZ gateway) for our students in Eastern Canada and one site in British Columbia (YVR gateway) for our students in Western Canada. We will announce the specific locations and sites soon.

What dates will it operate?  

September 2-16 (West and East) / September 18 – October 2 (East only)

These dates are still under review and will be confirmed by July 10.  

Will CISS MLI still operate the Orientation Programme even if the 14-day self-isolation period upon arrival to Canada is no longer required?  

So long as the national borders are open for the students to come and the Quarantine Act is no longer in effect, we will still offer the Orientation Programme starting on the dates indicated even if the 14-day self-isolation period is no longer required.

Will students travelling together remain together during the Orientation Programme? 

We will do our best to keep students travelling together in the same area of the Orientation facility; however, as the Programme is designed to isolate students, there will be limited in-person interaction during the 14 days. We will take rooming requests into consideration based on twin occupancy.

Is the Orientation Programme optional?  

If a student has friends or relatives in Canada that can safely accommodate their self-isolation period, or the school district where they’re going has a suitable plan for the self-isolation, they may be able to pursue this as an alternative (please check with CISS MLI first). Otherwise, it is expected that students will participate in the Orientation Programme before living with their host family. If the requirements for self-isolation change before September, we will consider the new regulations and advise you of any changes to the Programme.

Can students arrive earlier or later than the official Orientation Programme start date?  

We may be able to accommodate students who must arrive earlier than the official date (additional fees may apply – please check with us first). Due to the nature of the programme (“isolation”), we are unfortunately unable to accept late arrivals. We have therefore organized two possible start dates to accommodate for limited flight schedules (note: there are only two start dates in Ontario).

What will meals be like? 

Three balanced, nutritious meals will be provided every day with snacks available throughout.

How will you monitor the health of the students during the orientation? 

Students will have their body temperature and general health checked daily by a staff member. If a student experiences symptoms of COVID-19 during the Orientation, we will have the student tested at a local testing facility. If the test shows a positive result, we will closely follow the directions of local health professionals which could include more stringent isolation as well as an extended stay at the facility.  Protocols are still being developed as we continue to collaborate with site operators, local Public Health Authorities, and provincial and federal organizations. Further updates to our procedures will be advised as they become available.

How will you supervise the students during the orientation?  

CISS MLI staff will live onsite with the students providing 24-hour supervision.  On-site staff will be supported by remote staff working with the students online.

What will the students do during the 14 days?  

The online learning programme will encompass ESL support, an overview of the High School programme and preparation for life with a Canadian host family. Students can also connect with people who live in the community where they’re going, including their local coordinator.  Within the confines of self-isolation regulations, students will also have the chance to exercise outdoors and socialize with other Orientation participants.

How will students get from the airport to the orientation location and then from the facility to their homestay? 

CISS MLI staff will greet newly arriving students at the airport (YYZ in the East, YVR in the West) and bring them to the self-isolation facility. At the end of the programme, CISS MLI will arrange transfers to the local community. All transfers are included and at no extra cost, regardless of final destination, for fully serviced 10-month and 5-month AYP students; extra fees apply for short term programmes and students in our Homestay Only programme (please check with us for details).

The Programme means students will start their classes late. Will this affect their academic standing?  

Schools across Canada are preparing for the possibility that international students might be delayed entering schools this autumn considering the 14-day self-isolation requirement and challenges with visas, Study Permits and flights. We will inform your school about the intended start date and ensure a smooth transition to the local placement after the Orientation Programme is complete. If you are in the second Orientation session in Ontario, your online learning component could include virtually connecting you with your teachers and/or school to ease the late arrival.