Summer Programmes

Summer camps - English (ESL) / French (FSL) study in Canada

We all have our favourite summer memory. A time, a place, a friend, a moment that will never be forgotten. CISS has been making great memories longer than any other Summer Camp Programme or ESL summer programme provider in Canada by giving students from around the world the opportunity to come together in traditional summer camps, English (ESL) camps or French (FSL) camps as well as Adventure Experiences of their choice. With a focus on fun and unique opportunities to learn, our Summer Camp and Adventure programmes as well as Residential City Language Study programmes give you the experience—and the Canadian memories—of a lifetime.

International Summer Camps

Don’t see the Canadian wild. Live the Canadian wild. The smell of wood smoke hangs heavy in the air, reminding you of the previous night’s campfire. The final drops of the midnight rain fall from the branches around your cabin. The reflection of the morning sun bouncing off the water’s surface serves as your wake-up call. Paddles pull through the lake’s calm waters, playing fields are prepared, and a breakfast bell tells you a new day and a new adventure has begun. 

Welcome to the experience of a lifetime. Welcome to Summer Camps in Canada!

Swallowdale Camp

LocationLake Rosseau, Ontario
Ages7 - 15 years, boys and girls
Leaders in Training (LIT)16 years, boys and girls
Session Length2, 3, or 4 week sessions
AccommodationShared residence rooms
ESL (Optional)10 hours per week
Where adventures begin!

Lakefield Camp

LocationLakefield, Ontario
Ages9 - 16 years, boys and grils
Leaders in Training (LIT)17 years, boys and girls
Session Length2, 3 or 4 week sessions
AccommodationDouble or Triple shared residence rooms
ESL (Optional)10 or 15 hours per week
A traditional Canadian summer camp - with a difference!

City Residential Programmes

A campus of new friends and unlimited learning. Want to travel and learn French or English, discover a new city, and meet people from around the world? CISS City Residential Programmes give you the opportunity to spend a summer in some of our best cities. You’ll learn English or French while exploring Canada and making new friends. These teen programmes are designed to meet all your ESL and FSL learning, living, and safety needs, regardless of whether you prefer the big city or a smaller town.

CISS City Programmes give you the chance to live, learn, and grow in Canada. And, most importantly, to have fun doing it.

St. Michael's

LocationToronto, Ontario
Ages13-17 years, boys and girls
Global Leadership13 - 17 years, boys and girls
Session Length2,3 or 4 week sessions
AccommodationDouble residence rooms
ESL20 hours per week (standard)
Language study and Toronto city adventure at their best!

CISS Montreal

LocationMontréal, Québec
Ages13-17 years, boys and girls
AccommodationShared residence rooms
Session Length2, 3, or 4 week sessions
Excursions2 Full day, 1 Half day and 1 Cultural evening per week
ESL or FSL15 hours per week
Bilingual language learning at its best!

CISS at Trinity

LocationToronto, Ontario
Ages14-18 years, boys and girls
University Prep16-18 years, boys and girls
Session Length2, 3 or 4 week sessions
AccommodationSingle residence rooms
ESL20 hours per week (standard), 25 hours (extended)
The ultimate ESL experience in Toronto!