Summer Programmes

Since 1979, CISS has provided students from around the world the opportunity to come together in Canada for transformative summer learning experiences in traditional camps, language programs in cities, and other adventure experiences. With a focus on fun and unique opportunities to learn, our summer programmes promise to give you the experience—and the Canadian memories—of a lifetime.

International Summer Camps

Don’t see the Canadian wild. Live it. The smell of wood smoke hangs in the air, reminding you of the previous night’s campfire. The final drops of midnight rain fall from the branches around your cabin. The reflection of the morning sun bouncing off the water’s surface serves as your wake-up call. Paddles pull through the lake’s calm waters, playing fields are prepared, and a breakfast bell tells you a new day and a new adventure has begun. 

Welcome to the experience of a lifetime. Welcome to Summer Camps in Canada!

Swallowdale Camp

LocationLake Rosseau, Ontario
Ages10 to 16 years, boys and girls
Leaders in Training (LIT)16-17 years, boys and girls
Dates03 Jul to 13 Aug - 2, 3, 4 weeks
AccommodationShared residence rooms
Outdoor Education10 hours per week
A traditional Canadian summer camp where adventures begin!

City Residential Programmes

Want to travel and improve your English while discovering a new city and meeting people from around the world? Our City Residential Programmes are for you! We've designed these programmes to meet your language learning goals while immersing you in a community of peers. Together, you'll navigate some of Canada's most exciting urban locations, learning new skills and making new friends along the way that will serve you for a lifetime. 

CISS City Residential Programmes give you the chance to live, learn, and grow. And, most importantly, to have fun doing it.

CISS Toronto

LocationUniversity of St. Michael's College
Ages13-17 years, boys and girls
Excursions and ActivitiesDuring the afternoon and evening
Session Length2 or 3 Weeks - Global Leadership / 2, 3 or 4 weeks - General English
General English or Global Leadership20 hours per week
A remarkable learning experience in the heart of Toronto.

CISS Vancouver

LocationNorth Vancouver, BC
Ages13-17, boys and girls
AccommodationDouble Rooms
Dates10 JUL to 06 AUG
Excursions1 Full day and 2 half days per week
Global English20 hours per week
Global English skills for the 21st Century.

Special Interest Courses

At CISS, we believe that students benefit most when they choose a summer learning experience that best suits their personality and goals. For international students interested in topics “beyond ESL”, our Special Interest Courses allow them to gain knowledge and skills in a subject area while practicing their English in a supportive environment. From leadership skills to preparation for university life and careers, these courses reflect the interests and passions of today’s youth and are designed to help prepare them for future success. The courses take place inside a larger programme, offering both the opportunity for focused study with a group of like-minded peers and the chance to be part of a large group of participants from around the world with a full schedule of activities and excursions.  

Global Leadership - International Young Leaders

LocationUniversity of St. Michael's College
Ages13-17 years, boys and girls
Global LeadershipStarting dates: 3 weeks 03/07 and 24/07. 2 Weeks 10/07 and 24/07
Session Length2 and 3 week sessions
AccommodationStudent Residence
Weekly Hours20 hours per week
Inspiring International Young Leaders for an ever-changing world!