High School Programmes

Looking for an academic experience in a Canadian High School that will meet your personal goals? Let CISS help guide you! With a wide variety of options in public schools in many cities in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and New Brunswick, as well as partnerships with select private schools, CISS can help secure the RIGHT SCHOOL for you.  Whether you are seeking a highly academic programme, classes in the arts, robotics, business, film or media studies or other technologies, our range of school options means that we have a school that offers just what you are seeking.  We are also a full package provider, so in additional to a great school. We will place you with a welcoming host family and offer a custodianship package designed to offer personal monitoring, giving you the support you need to succeed in your goals.  Let us help you make your Canadian school dreams a reality! 

Education in Canada

Ranked among the best in the world, Canada's educational system fosters a comprehensive outcome-based education for all students.  Classroom environments provide a safe environment of respect for multicultural diversity as well as the individuality of each person.  

Our high global ranking comes from the strength of our public education, which is available for all students and which follows stringent provincial guidelines.  High graduation rates and acceptance to post-secondary institutions in Canada, the US and abroad make this choice of school the most prevalent for Canadian students.  Private schools are also available for families who choose a more select educational pathway with benefits of smaller classes and more focused outcomes.

In every Canadian school, whether public or private, all students have the opportunity to explore different academic and career pathway possibilities through a diversified curriculum, fitting the needs of different types of students.

Public Schools

Location+50 locations across Canada
Ages14-17 years, boys and girls (12-13 years, limited placement options)
ESL - English as a Second LanguageAvailable
DurationShort-term, Academic Semester or Academic Year
Experience life as a Canadian high school student in our public school programme!

Private Schools

LocationsQuebec and Ontrio
Ages14-17 years, boys and girls
DurationAcademic Year (limited options for an Academic Semester)
Come experience the tradition and prestige of studying at a Canadian Private School.