Why Study with CISS

CISS takes great care to ensure that the placement for each student is the RIGHT placement, not just an available school in one specific school district.  The majority of our school options are in well-established public schools (including publicly funded Catholic schools), but we also work with a select private schools, both boarding and day schools.  

But the placement is just one part of the overall experience. CISS takes it role of custodian seriously.  We care that each student is happy in their placement, school and family, and our team of dedicated coordinators ensure that the students in their care have the tools needed to do well in school and to overcome challenges.  You can be sure that your child will have an advocate voice in times of need, but will also be given opportunities to grow, mature and learn from their full Canadian experience.

High School Placement Specialist:  

CISS is partnered with over 50 school districts across five Canadian provinces. We have over 400 schools to offer, including select private schools. With offices in Toronto and Vancouver, and local teams in all communities and regions, we offer the knowledge of each location to recommend the best placement for each student.

Variety of Options: 

We offer placement options in small towns, moderate cities or big metropolises, in schools of different sizes, with a great variety of subjects and extracurricular activities. We work with families of varying compositions and interests, who are able to host students with different needs and goals. The more you tell us about yourself, the better the overall match for you!

Homestay Experience 

With our internal homestay department, we select and train families under strict standards and policies, ensuring students in any of our placement communities have a private bedroom in a welcoming home environment. We monitor other student placements, ensuring no more than one other international student is in the home. Our ultimate goal is your safety and comfort.

Best Canadian Experience:

CISS looks after you from start to finish. After reviewing your application form, we strive to provide the best placement. From selecting host families, finding the best-matched communities and schools, advising students and supporting partners around the globe, we then oversee the arrival of students and supervise them throughout their stay. CISS seeks to deliver the best experience in Canada for all our students.

Student Care

Together with our partner schools, CISS coordinators are in constant contact with their students. From texts, calls, and personal visits, our teams spend a lot of time both sharing in the successes of our students, as well as mentoring students to work through struggles. CISS offers 24-hour emergency telephone assistance to ensure that emergency situations are handled promptly.

High School SpecialistsToronto and Vancouver teams offer knowledge and best recommendations
Variety of OptionsLarge city to small town, public or private, east or west? We help you decide.
Homestay ExpertiseInternal homestay team means high standards for host families in all our locations
Best Canadian ExperienceWe look after all our students from start to finish, ensuring an amazing experience
Student CareCISS counsellors mentor their students through regular communication and visits


Which experience best meets your needs?

Whether you have just a few weeks or are seeking a high school diploma, we have a programme that will provide what you need.

The Classic Le Français The Graduate The World Student The Experience

Ages 12-17
5 or 10 months
All levels of English

Ages 12-17
5 or 10 months
High level French 
(French Immersion)

Note: all schools offer
French language classes.
This option is for a more
intensive French experience.

Ages 14-16
2 years+ (min)
Intermediate+ English

IB:  Age 16
AP:  Age 17
2 years for IB
5 or 10 months for AP
High level English

Ages 12-17
8, 12 or 16 weeks
All levels of English


Students learn best by doing. Canadian education is focused on a HANDS-ON learning approach that combines theoretical and practical study with learning experiences. Core academic skills are augmented by arts, technology and other skills based on each student's intended career goals. Continual assessments allow students to monitor their results and adjust their studies ahead of final course exams.

Specific options below vary by school.

Typical daily schedule in a public high school

8am - 9am Classes begin
most classes are 70-80 min in duration
4-5 class periods daily
12pm - 2pm Lunch period
Typically 40-60 minutes
2:30pm - 3:30pm School day ends
After school sports or clubs meet until approx 4:30-5:00pm