Our Study Communities

Canada, the 2nd largest country in the world, has a diverse population ranging from the First Nations (Native Canadians) to new immigrants. This diversity makes it a very welcoming place for students from all over the world. From smaller towns with a very community-based lifestyle, to big cities full of activities and options, our placement choices are tailored to meet your personal profile, budget and programme goals.


Adventure, Mountains,
Modern cities,
Milder climate

Natural Beauty, Mountains,
Cowboy culture, Large and Small cities

Large cities, Small towns, Natural beauty,
Wide variety of placements including select options
for bilingual (French/English) study

French culture, Large cities,
Small towns,
Bilingual study

13 school districts + select private schools
Mainly Semester schools + few Linear schools
2 school districts
Semester schools
19+ school districts + select private schools
Mainly Semester schools + few Linear schools
3 school districts + private day school
Linear schools


The communities where these programmes are offered are varied and spread across Canada – from British Columbia in the west to New Brunswick in the east. All regions and communities are selected based on their ability and willingness to welcome international students both into the community and into the schools. 

At CISS, we have always believed that location is a major factor to the success of this programme. We strive to work with cities and towns that are themselves active participants in welcoming an international student. The charm of the small town was our starting point, and indeed, some of the happiest students admit that the close-community feeling of their town was a large contributing factor to an overall great experience. 

Recognizing that students have different needs, we offer a variety of regions and communities to suit most preferences. 

The Small Town

We work with many small towns and communities with populations ranging from as few as 5,000 people to as many as 80,000 people. These towns offer their own unique charm, from local festivals to friendly   neighbours and a welcoming community. Most of these towns are within a few hours drive of a large urban centre, to offer students modern social and cultural amenities but retaining a certain element of safety   away from the bustle of the big city. 

The Suburban Community

Retaining all the charm of a small town, but with more of an urban feel, many of our locations are in reality suburban communities of larger urban centres.  With populations ranging from 100,000+, students in this kind of city experience a typical Canadian lifestyle and have access to urban amenities including shopping malls, movie theatres, sporting and recreational centres and more.

The Urban Centre

Canada is blessed with a wide range of cities, from smaller, secondary cities to large urban centres. In many cases, the suburbs surrounding a major city (such as Toronto or Vancouver) are themselves considered to be cities in their own right. As with most places around the world, the larger the city, the greater the diversity of culture and tradition, and the greater the number of international students.  CISS offers a few placements in urban centres for students who seek to experience the cultural diversity of Canada's top cities. 


The experience a student will have while in Canada depends greatly on their chosen community (small town, suburban city, urban centre). The lure of the city should not overshadow the charms of a smaller community. We encourage you to consider the elements that are most important for your stay with us, and let us help you determine the best option for you.

British Columbia13 locations, Pacific Coast, small-mid-large cities
Ontario16+ locations, small-mid-large cities, English or bilingual (Eng/Fr)
Alberta3 locations, cowboy culture, small-mid-large cities
Qu├ębec2 locations, small town or large city, Bilingual (Eng/Fr) or full French
New Brunswick2 locations, maritime culture, mid-size cities, Bilingual (Eng/Fr)