Experience High School life in Canada!

Guelph Collegiate in the winter


Experience daily life in a Canadian High School, with the opportunity to meet local students, while you apply your English knowledge towards real life situations. In this CISS MLI programme, students will have the opportunity to stay with a local host family, explore the charming city of Guelph, spend time in trendy Toronto,have a ski trip to the Blue Montains and visit the world-famous Niagara Falls. This programme offers a mini high school experience for international students to integrate in the school community.

Host Family

Students will have an immersion experience not only in the school, but also in the their stay with a host family. These are families who are open an excited to integrate international students into their lifestyle and activities. Students are encouraged to come with an open mind so they can gain the greatest benefit from this experience. The family will provide a welcoming environment, as well as a bedroom. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered by the host family, and on school days, a bagged lunch will be provided.

LocationGuelph, ON
Ages14 to 18
AccommodationHomestay with a local Host Family in Single Room
Session Length3 weeks - Jan 04 - Jan 26, 2020
Excursions1 day to Toronto, 1 Ski Trip to Blue Montains and 1 to Niagara Falls
MealsBreakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Dates and Fees 2020

All fees are in Canadian Dollars $CAD

Attention: Dates and Prices for 2020 Departing
January 26th, 2020 
January 4th, 2020
3 Weeks


  • Airport meet and greet by CISS/MLI staff
  • Roundtrip transfers (YYZ - Pearson International) - Note: arrivals must be in the morning of January 4th; departures in the evening of January 26th.
  • Homestay accommodation with daily meal in single room. Double room available for students travelling together)
  • Attend local Canadian high school
  • Listed activities and excursions
  • Admission to CN Tower (Toronto), Blue Mountain (Ski Trip) and Journey Behind the Falls (Niagara Falls)
  • School bus on Toronto excursion
  • Canadian Buddy at local school
  • On site program coordinator
  • Program Completion Certificate
  • Invitation Letter
  • 24 hour emergency support services
  • All applicable taxes


  • Transfer for arrivals after 8:00 AM on January 4th + $100 CAD
  • Transfer for departures before 8:00 PM on January 26th + $100 CAD
  • Flight ticket
  • Visa Fees
  • Unaccompanied minor fees (if applicable)


A non-refundable CAD $200 deposit must be made at the time of application with the booking agent with the balance of payment due by December 5, 2018.

We accept bank wire transfers or credit card payments (VISA, Master, AMEX; Note: credit card payments are charged an additional 3% handling fee).

Taxes are included. Information updated: February 11, 2019


Toronto Excursion

Students will leave Guelph together and go to Toronto, the capital of Ontario and largest city in Canada. There, they will visit the CN Tower, the Toronto City Hall, University of Toronto and the Parliament Building.

Inclusions: Private bus transportation, lunch allowance, chaperone and tickets to the CN Tower.

Blue Mountain

Located less than 2 hours from Guelph, the Blue Mountain is the largest mountain resort in Ontario. A charming village welcomes visitors in both summer and the winter, with shops and restaurants. Students will have the opportunity to ski and enjoy the day in a great ski trip.

Inclusions: Private bus transportation, lunch allowance, chaperone, tickets for the ski lifts and ski rentals.

Niagara Falls

Students will leave Guelph and head to Niagara Falls. On this excursion, they will be able to see the amazing Falls, and go on a Journey Behind it. They will also visit the Table Rock Complex and have some fun on the attractions of Clifton Hill.

Niagara Falls, Canada

Inclusions: Private bus transportation, lunch allowance, chaperone and tickets to the Journey Behind the Falls.


Guelph, ON

Located just over an hour from downtown Toronto, Guelph is a vibrant, artistic and culturally rich city. This beautiful, historical location is nicely complemented by modern and youth-friendly amenities, and excellent schools. 

Due to the city’s agricultural past, Guelphites (as they’re known) tend to care deeply about protecting the natural environment and giving back to their community. Consistently ranked one of the best places to live in Canada, Guelph offers its residents an exceptionally high quality of life, family-friendly neighbourhoods, and one of the lowest crime rates in all of Canada. 

Guelph Collegiate

Located in the central area of Guelph, the school is one of the most traditional in Ontario. It was founded in 1854 and the current building is from the 1960's.  and is home for around 800 students, and offers many courses in different areas. Participants of the January High School Experience programme will be able to indicate their preferred subjects, and should there be availability, CISS MLI will work with the school to place them. Besides the regular classrooms, the school also has computer labs, science labs, art rooms, drama room, music room, broadcasting studio, auditorium, greenhouse, chapel, gymnasiums, football and soccer field, 8-lane track, indoor 2-lane running track, weight room, cafeteria and library/learning commons.


Sun - Dec 29  Mon - Dec 30 Tue - Dec 31 Wed - Jan 1 Thu - Jan 2 Fri - Jan 3 Sat - Jan 4
      Arrival in the morning in Toronto, meeting host family in Guelph

Sun - Jan 5  Mon - Jan 6 Tue - Jan 7 Wed - Jan 8 Thu - Jan 9 Fri - Jan 10 Sat - Jan 11
With Host Family Programme Orientations, School Tour and School Experience School Experience School Experience School Experience School Experience Toronto excursion: CN Tower, Toronto City Hall, China Town, University of Toronto, Parliament Building

Sun - Jan 12 Mon - Jan 13 Tue - Jan 14 Wed - Jan 15 Thu - Jan 16 Fri - Jan 17 Sat - Jan 18
With Host Family School Experience School Experience School Experience School Experience School Experience Full day ski/snowboard trip to the Blue Mountain Resort

Sun - Jan 19 Mon - Jan 20 Tue - Jan 21 Wed - Jan 22 Thu - Jan 23 Fri - Jan 24 Sat - Jan 25
With Host Family School Experience School Experience School Experience School Experience Niagara excursion: Journey Behind the Falls, Table Rock Complex, Clifton Hill With Host Family

Sun - Jan 26 Mon - Jan 27 Tue - Jan 28 Wed - Jan 29 Thu - Jan 30 Fri - Jan 31 Sat - Feb 1
With Host family for the day and depart for Toronto Airport (YYZ) in the evening.    


When at school, students should expect to have the following schedule:

Time Activity
08:55 - 10:15 Period 1
10:20 - 11:35 Period 2
11:35 - 12-35 Lunch
12:40 - 13:55 Period 3
14:00 - 15:15 Period 4

For Parents

What will students in this program do while they’re in Canada?

Students will spend 3 weeks in a Canadian high school with local Canadian students complemented by 3 excursions: Toronto, Niagara Falls and Blue Mountains.

What is the objective of the program?

Students will have a chance to do some local sightseeing in the Toronto area, as well as visit Niagara Falls and Blue Mountains, but the main objective of the program is to experience a local Canadian school. They will learn what Canadian high schools are like, have a chance to practice their English, and make some new friends in another country. They will also have a 3-week homestay experience to learn more about Canadian family culture and traditions.

What is included in the price? What is excluded?

Please check the Dates and Fees session of this page.

Where will this program take place?

Students will arrive at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) and then be transferred to the Guelph, Ontario (a little over one our west of Toronto) where they will attend a local public high school.

Where will the other students be from?

Students are mainly being recruited from Brazil, where there students are on summer vacation in January, although the program is open to students of any nationality.

What is the minimum language level?

We recommend that students have at least an intermediate understanding of English.

Are English lessons part of the program?

No, the purpose of the program is a local Canadian high school experience, so there are no formal English lessons. Students may choose to join an English class, if there are spaces available.

When is the application deadline?

Monday, November 11, 2019 (or until the program is full).

What is the Cancellation & Refund Policy?
• Cancellation received before Dec 4 : We will return 100% of any program fees paid, less the non-refundable $200 deposit.
• Cancellation received from Dec 4 to Dec 18: 70% of program fee will be returned.
• Cancellation received on and after Dec 19: No refund available.
When will homestay information be received?

By Thursday, December 19th, 2019

Can students arrive the day before or after the program begins?

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate arrivals on any day other than Saturday, Jan 4th.

Can students depart early or stay after the program end date?

No; however, in the case of emergency, students will be transferred to the airport for an early departure at no cost. There is no refund for unused portions of the program.

What should parents who are nervous about their child flying alone do for transportation?

Most airlines offer Unaccompanied Minor (“UM”) service for direct international flights into Canada for children aged 12-17. Please consult your airline of choice for further details.

UM service is often not available for transit flights (for example, flights connecting in the United States).

Parents may also accompany their child to Canada if they wish and should consult their booking agent.

Which flights should students reserve?

Based on current flight schedules – which are subject to change – we ask that students ARRIVE in one of two time periods:

• Between 5 am and 8:00 am;
For the departure, we ask that students choose flights that DEPART:
• Between 8 pm and 11:30 pm.

(Arrivals/departures outside of these times may be possible but will be subject to a $100 transfer fee; please consult your booking agent BEFORE making any travel arrangements that fall outside of the official times listed above.)

Do I need to have overseas medical insurance?

Yes! Emergency medical insurance is mandatory for all students in the program and is included in the price of the programme.

What documents do students need to submit to apply?
  1. Application Form and Deposit are due at the time of booking, no later than November 11th, 2019.
  2. Passport Copy, Flight information & Balance Payment Form are due by December 4th, 2019.
Where should applications and questions be sent?

Please send questions and completed applications to your Booking Agent or contact us here.

How do I know if I’m enrolled?

Once the Application Form and the deposit are received, CISS/MLI will issue an Invitation Letter to the applicant; this is the confirmation of enrollment.

How will students get to and from the Canadian school?

If the host family is located less than three kilometres from the school, the student will walk to school. This is common in Canada, and Guelphn is a safe city. Students that walk will be paired with Canadian students or host siblings; they will not be expected to walk alone.

If the host family is located more than three kilometres from the school, the student can take the local school bus (no additional fees). The host family will teach the student how to take the bus.

Some host families choose to drive their children to school, and may offer the same to a visiting international student; but this is not guaranteed and it is not common in Canada as in Brazil, for example.

Is there someone who speaks Portuguese with the group daily?

There is no guarantee of a Portuguese-speaking staff onsite, however, CISS MLI has Portuguese-speaking staff in the office who will be assisting and are available in the case of emergency.

What do the students do with host families?

Students will be welcomed as members of the family. They will enjoy daily family activities at home after school and on weekends. Activities are at the discretion of the host family but may include things like: seeing a movie, going for a hike, visiting relatives, taking a daytrip etc.

How will you monitor the students?

Students are supervised by their host families. CISS MLI has local staff living in the community who are reachable for any concerns and problems that arise. There is also a 24hr emergency number available to students, parents or agents at any time: 1-866-388-6543 (toll-free from within the United States or Canada; from other countries, please call +1-416-623-6215; standard long distance rates will apply).

If there is a problem with host family, can you change my child’s family?

We recruit only the best families available, however, difficulties in intercultural communication or personality conflicts arise from time to time. If this happens, every effort will be made to resolve the situation with the student and family first. If we are unable to resolve the situation, we will discuss the option of changing host families with the student and his/her parents and/or agent in home country. Any student who feels they are in an unsafe situation should call our emergency number and he/she will be moved immediately to a respite family.

How safe is Guelph, Ontario?

Like most cities in southern Ontario, Guelph has a low crime rate and a high quality of living compared to cities across the country, which already has a low national average crime rate.

What is your emergency protocol?

There is a 24hr emergency number available to students, parents or agents at any time: 1-866-388-6543 (toll-free from within the United States or Canada; from other countries, please call +1-416-623-6215; standard long distance rates will apply). For all non-emergencies, please contact your Booking Agent.

What courses will the students take in school?

Because this is a short-term program, students will be assigned to courses based on space availability. If a student has a strong interest in a specific course, there is a section to state this on the application form. We will do our best to place the student in related courses, but there is no guarantee.

Can the student change the course if they don’t like it?

Due to the short length of the program, it is not possible to change a course if the student doesn’t like it. We encourage students to keep an open mind and remember that they will be in four different courses.

Who is the “Canadian buddy” and what do they do?

The Canadian buddy is a local student chosen to be a helper to the visiting international student. He/She may be a different gender and age from the participating international student but is someone eager to help and make friends. The international students will follow their Canadian buddies to their classes and participate in school life together. Buddies will show their school and Canadian school life to their assigned international student partners. Note: for students walking to school, walking partners may not be the same as the “Canadian buddy”.

What if the student doesn’t like the food the host family is preparing?

Host families have a variety of food and eating habits and it’s common for visiting students to not like something their host families prepare. We strongly encourage students to come with an open mind and at least try things before saying they don’t like them. If they try, and still don’t like it, students should be open with their host parent(s) and talk to them about what kinds of foods they like. Most host families are accommodating and willing to adapt their meals. Students can also speak to the Program Manager if they need help negotiating this type of situation.

Do the students in the program have to wear a uniform?

No, the school does not require a uniform.

How’s the weather in Guelph at that time of year?

The average daytime temperature at that time of year in Guelph is from - 11 to - 4 degrees Celsius, so it's important that students dress warmly. Insulated shoes, warm jackets, gloves, socks, scarf, and tuque (Canadian for the warm knitted head) are recommended. Even though students may experience snow, they may also experience days of sunshine.