About Us

Since 1979, Canadian International Student Services Inc (CISS) has provided exceptional summer camp, high school, and year-round English and French language study experiences for children, teens, and adults. Today, the CISS name is globally recognized as the premier choice for language study programming in Canada. 

CISS is committed to meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations. We work intimately with our worldwide network of representatives to ensure this happens. We also carefully recruit and train staff for our programmes, and closely monitor their operation.   

Our goal is to provide a range of Canadian educational programming that can meet any request:  

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High School Programmes

Adult Programmes

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CISS was founded by Nick Florian in 1979 in Toronto. Already a leader in the Canadian camping industry, Nick was among the first to launch language-based summer programmes for overseas students. CISS operated its first international campus programme at Erindale College in Mississauga, Ontario. In 1984, CISS introduced its second international programme – this one for adults – operating from Trinity College in downtown Toronto. CISS at Trinity is still a part of the CISS range of programmes, now styled for teenagers. 

Since it's foundation, CISS has successfully introduced and operated various language programmes and camps throughout Canada. In the 1990s, the company expanded and introduced placements in private and public high schools nationwide. Today we place hundreds of students annually into Academic Year programmes for full year, one semester or short-term stays. 

CISS additionally offers year-round adult language training on a one-to-one basis through our One-to-One Teacher Homestay Programme, offered in both Toronto and Vancouver. We are also affiliated with ILSC, one of the largest language schools in Canada, and Greystone College. Both schools offer locations in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montréal, as well as other international campuses.

Our Philosophy

CISS is committed to providing a stimulating, challenging, and safe learning environment for students of all nationalities. We offer the highest quality student products available, and take pride in presenting them with a distinctly Canadian flavour. 

Our staff is dedicated to providing a meaningful and animated learning experience within a warm and caring community. The variety of programmes available ensures each student is placed in the programme that best reflects his or her individual needs and interests. 

We believe the international experience generates learning on many levels. The environment provides the opportunity to present cross-cultural communication and to nurture its development. The participants emerge more knowledgeable, more sensitive toward others, and more confident in his or her achievements and abilities. Each participant returns home with memories that last a lifetime.


CISS (Canadian International Student Services) and MLI (Muskoka Language International) have a long-standing partnership of nearly 20 years. Our companies each share a passion for providing international students with top-quality transformative learning experiences in Canada. We have a tradition of successfully collaborating with complimentary product offerings for the under 18 years market. In fact, for the majority of our shared history, we have worked in the same offices, drawing on our collective knowledge and expertise. 

In 2019, CISS marked its’ 40th anniversary and MLI marked its’ 25th year of operation. We proudly chose this monumental year to announce the official union of our two brands as one - CISS MLI.

Together, we are uniquely positioned as specialists in this market segment, offering the most comprehensive product opportunities for young students at any point in their learning journey.  As a single organization, we now offer four product units - Summer Camps, Group Study Tours, Junior and Senior High School Placement, and Homestay Services. 

Our vision is continued growth while maintaining our commitment to excellence. We want to reassure you that our operations remain the same and that your main contacts will not change.  We appreciate your support and look forward to our continued partnership as we enter this exciting new phase.

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