Study Tours

Study Tour programmes provide a great opportunity for students to practice their English, integrate with local Canadian students in a high school, have an experience with a local host family, have unique activity options, and a real Canadian cultural experience. They are typically between 1 to 4 weeks in length up to three months of study and they can take place at any time of the year based on availability of specific itinerary requests.

Open Study Tours

Individual students can join a programme that takes places in specific dates and locations, with a set duration. A great opportunity to make new friends and take the best out of this experience in Canada as this is open to students from different nationalities.

Full Customized Tours

Choose from over 100 communities across Canada from coast to coast for your customized study tour. Our team will work to make a special tailored programme according to the specific characteristics, such as number of students participating, desired location, duration of the stay in Canada, activities and excursions . Our team is able to make all the arrangements for travel within Canada.

Semana Santa 2019

LocationLondon, ON
Ages14 to 18
AccommodationHomestay with a local Host Family in Double Room
Session Length2 Weeks
Excursions1 Day in Niagara Falls, and 1 day Toronto Excursion
MealsBreakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Experience daily life in a Canadian High School, with the opportunity to integrate with local students, while you apply your English knowledge towards real life situations.
For 2019