Spring Swallowdale Camp, Huntsville, Ontario

Spring Swallowdale offers clients a unique opportunity to enjoy the thrill of a Canadian camp experience during a season of renewal and discovery. Our Spring Swallowdale Camp operates on the grounds of Camp Tawingo Outdoor Centre in Ontario’s beautiful Muskoka region. International campers come together to develop skills in sports, arts, outdoor activities and leadership. Camp traditions run deep in the Canadian spirit and are embodied in this programme, which aims to incorporate many of the activities that Swallowdale is best known for including campfires, songs and so much more. Students are sure to appreciate the stunning beauty of the nature that surrounds them, and the cultural distinctions that make up our global community.

LocationHuntsville, ON
Ages7-15 years, boys and girls
Session Length1 or 2 week sessions
AccommodationShared residence rooms
ExcursionsToronto Explorer, Niagara Falls and Hockey Game

Dates and Fees 2021

All fees are in Canadian Dollars $CAD

April 04
April 10
March 28
1 Week
$ 2,250
2 Weeks
$ 3,775
April 4
- 1 Week
$ 2,250

Extra Fees

Extra Night Fee - $ 225

Extra Transfer Fee - $ 175

Extra night and extra transfer fees apply to all students who arrive or depart on unscheduled session dates and are subject to availability; please contact us for details. 

Early Morning Departure Fee - $ 150

Late Night Arrival Fee - $ 150

Late night arrival/early morning departure fee applies to all students with flights scheduled to arrive after 22:00 or depart before 08:00. Subject to availability - please contact us for details. 

Unaccompanied Minor (UM) Fee - $ 75

UM fee applies to all students flying as UM with airline

Custodianship Fee - $ 100

*Canadian and US citizens currently residing in Canada or the United States are asked to contact CISS for domestic rates. Taxes are included. Information updated: May 26, 2020


Toronto Explorer - Full Day Excursion

Students leave Swallowdale Camp together and head south to Toronto, the capital of Ontario and the largest city in Canada. There, they will visit Toronto City Hall, the Eaton Centre, University of Toronto and Ontario's Parliament Building. Students will have time for both sightseeing and some souvenir shopping. 

Sugar Shack - Half Day Excursion

After enjoying activities at camp, campers head to a traditional "Sugar Shack" to see how real maple syrup is made. Sampling of this delicious natural treat is highly encouraged! Whether trying "maple syrup taffy" (pictured) or pouring it on some pancakes, campers will never forget this uniquely Canadian experience. 

Hockey Game - Half Day Excursion

Nothing says "Canada" more than hockey. With Swallowdale Camp being held in the spring for the first time, we have an exciting evening planned to introduce campers to the magic of a local hockey game. Feel the thrill of the action as we cheer on the Barrie Colts. He shoots, he scores! 

Niagara Falls - Full Day Excursion

There is no better way to end an experience in Canada than visiting the iconic Niagara Falls. On this excursion, campers will travel to one of the natural wonders of the world to see the amazing waterfalls. They will also visit the Table Rock Complex and have fun at the many tourist attractions of Clifton Hill.


Spring Swallowdale offers the perfect combination of a traditional Canadian summer camp and the comforts of home. It is based at the Camp Tawingo Outdoor Centre, a top quality year-round facility located in the Muskoka region of Ontario on Lake Vernon. With fresh water lakes offering spectacular views, surrounded by the natural beauty of forested landscape, it's no wonder that this part of Ontario holds a strong reputation as one of Canada's premier recreational destinations throughout the year.

Facilities include:

  • Classrooms
  • Dining hall
  • Large sports fields
  • Camp lodges and meeting halls
  • Extensive waterfront
  • Art Studio
  • Comfortable cabin accommodation 

Campers are separated by age and gender and live in cabins.  We place up to eight campers in a room, depending on the size and layout.  Cabins are bright, clean, and fully heated.  Rooms include beds or bunkbeds, dressers and wardrobes and campers each receive clean linens.  There are full toilet and shower facilities in each residence, which are shared.  Campers must bring their own towels and toiletries.  Safety is our number one priority so staff live in nearby cabins to provide full supervision at all times. 

We provide three meals plus a healthy snack each day.  Meals are served “family style” in the dining hall. Campers sit with their assigned group and counselor at a large table and food is brought to the table and shared.  Our menu offers a variety of nutritious meals, all cooked on-site by professional staff.  Meals at Swallowdale are famous for being lively and loud – campers are encouraged to join in the songs and cheers! 


Each day is divided into four activity periods (two in the morning, two in the afternoon). Campers choose their activities for the week from a wide range of options, all of which are instructed by knowledgeable staff and taught in English. A fifth period known as "Rec Period" is also offered daily, allowing campers to take part in other activities that will be fully supervised, but not necessarily instructed.

English + Activities

Campers who want to focus on improving their English can enroll in English as a Second Language (ESL) lessons alongside traditional activities. These campers are tested on their first Monday at the programme and placed in a level-appropriate class. ESL classes are 10 hours per week and comprise two of the four daily activity periods. This option is the choice for most international students as it balances classroom instruction (e.g. speaking, listening, reading and writing) with the fun and excitement of a traditional Canadian camp. 

Activities Only 

This option gives campers the opportunity to enjoy all four daily periods devoted to sports, arts, and skill-building exercises. Each activity programme is divided into weekly modules; students start out with a basic introduction and learning the safety rules. As the week progresses, they develop their skills in each of their chosen activities. Activities are instructed by qualified staff in English. 

Programme Option Ages Daily Schedule English Proficiency
General English 10 hours 7-15 2 ESL Periods + 2 Activity Periods All levels accepted
Activity Camp 7-15 4 Activity Periods All levels accepted

Evening Programme

Evenings provide an opportunity for students and staff to do activities together. The programme is mandatory and is a combination of house-based activities and leisure options. Students from each residence house may team up to face each other in competition. Students may also enjoy camp-wide activities including the following: 

  • Campfires
  • Crazy Olympics
  • Cook-out Dinner
  • Scavenger/Treasure Hunt
  • Clue
  • Dutch Auction
  • Quidditch
  • Night Hike and Star Gazing
  • Minute to Win It
  • Stones


Activity Periods

At the beginning of each week, students select their activities from a wide variety of options, which may vary according to weather conditions. Students attend in one-week blocks, ensuring they develop skills in those particular areas. Campers enrolled in English + Activities can choose two per week, while Campers enrolled in Activities Only can choose four. 

All activities are supervised and instructed in English and each activity period lasts for 1 hour (60 minutes), five days per week. Activity options are subject to weather conditions and availability.

REC Period

On regular camp days, 1 hour is allocated as a recreational period (REC). During REC, a variety of sports and activities are offered to students. Campers have the opportunity to participate in different REC activities every day. These activities are supervised but not instructed.

On Sundays and excursion days, the daily programme is modified to allow for group activities rather than the typical daily choices.

    All-weather Activities

  •      ESL - English as a Second Language
  •      Arts & Crafts
  •      Yoga
  •      Orienteering
  •      Eco Games
  •      Mountain Hike
  •      Low-Ropes Course
  •      Co-operative Games

Warm-weather Activities

  •      Outdoor Sports
  •      Canoeing
  •      Spring Flora and Fauna
  •      Environmental Studies & Project

Cold-weather Activities

  •      Cross-Country Skiing
  •      Snowshoeing
  •      Tobogganing
  •      Snowman Building
  •      Build a Quinzhee
  •      Broomball

For Parents

What is included in the programme price?

  • Residence accommodation
  • Three meals daily plus an evening snack
  • Supervision
  • All scheduled activities
  • Use of sporting equipment
  • Study materials
  • 10 hours/week of ESL instruction (optional) with certificate upon completion of course
  • Toronto Explorer Excursion
  • Sugar Shack Excursion
  • Hockey Game Excursion 
  • Niagara Falls Excursion
  • Full-time healthcare provider on campus
  • Laundry service once a week
  • Bedding/sleeping bags (students must supply own towel)

International students also have included:

  • Toronto airport meet & greet plus transfers to/from camp
  • Emergency Medical and Dental insurance

Does my child need a visa to enter Canada or to attend this programme?

Students who come for a camp (or any programme with a duration of less than six months) do not require a Study Permit. Students coming from certain countries, however, will require a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). Most non-visa students will require an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Please refer to the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship website for details on your particular situation: www.canada.ca/en/services/immigration-citizenship.html 

Do I need to purchase out-of-country emergency travel medical insurance for my child?

CISS provides emergency medical and dental insurance to a maximum of $100,000 CAD for international campers. Students coming from the USA, however, are responsible for their own out-of-country insurance. Canadian campers are typically covered by their provincial healthcare plans. 

Who will receive my child when he/she arrives at the airport? 

For international campers, and Canadian or US campers who have requested transfer to/from the airport - Staff from Swallowdale Camp will meet your child in the arrivals area at the airport. Staff hold signs showing the programme name. Students should look for this sign and remain in the arrivals area until he/she has met the staff member. Students travelling as part of a group with a group leader should remain together. The group leader will assist the students to find the CISS staff member. If your child is registered as an Unaccompanied Minor (UM), the designated person that CISS told you about during the UM registration will be ready to personally receive your child. 

How will I know that my child has arrived safely at camp?

CISS maintains regular contact with your Representative, and will immediately inform the Representative if a student has not arrived as expected. Otherwise, it should be assumed that all students have arrived safely.

What happens if my child has a medical emergency? 

Our staff is trained to handle all medical emergencies. Swallowdale Camp hires a health-care provider who is on site.  The camp is also in close proximity to hospitals and clinics. CISS will inform both you and your Representative (if applicable) of any emergencies that arise and the details/treatments involved.

Do you have a clothing list available? 

Yes. Please download the Swallowdale Camp Clothing List (PDF) here.  

To ensure your child returns home with all of his/her belongings, we recommend that all clothing and personal items be labelled with your child's name.  

How can I communicate with my child? 

All parent communication, by phone or email, will be limited to one time per week (except in emergency situations). In our experience, frequently calling home prompts homesickness.  It also interrupts the campers from their routine at camp. If you have concerns about your child, our staff is available to talk with you about it. Rest assured that if there are any problems, a staff member will contact you.

Phone Calls - Campers are permitted to call home once a week. Campers may use their own personal mobile devices to call home or they may use Skype (headphones with microphones available).  Campers who do not have a Skype account may use the Swallowdale account and will be charged accordingly. We ask that parents not call the camp office to speak with their child, except in the case of an emergency.  

Mobile Devices - Mobile phones/devices are not permitted at Swallowdale Camp. Campers who arrive with them will be asked to leave them in safe-keeping at the camp office. Phones/devices will be given to campers only when needed to call home, or during full day excursions.

E-Mail - Campers will have limited access to email during their stay at camp. Campers wishing to use email must have a personal web-based email address.