• Being outdoors is more important now, than ever before...

    Fri, 06 May 2022

    CISS continues to believe in the importance of outdoor activity for young learners, and Swallowdale is the perfect place to make this happen.

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  • Cold is Cool!

    Canada is known for their winter season. It's festive, bustling and beautiful, there are so many activities to do during the winter. Here are some of the activities you can’t miss if you’re planning to study in Canada during the winter.

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  • CISS is Hiring for the Summer

    Mon, 11 Apr 2022

    We are offering amazing leadership opportunities in our Summer Camps. Apply now.

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  • Trending Destinations for High School Programmes in Canada

    Fri, 08 Jan 2021

    Explore some of the most popular destinations for your High School Programme in 2021

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  • The CISS Difference

    The CISS Difference

    CISS has been operating since 1979. We hold ourselves to the ideal that superior service, together with an unwavering approach to innovative programming is what parents truly value when choosing the right programme for their child.

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  • Catholic High Schools in Canada

    Tue, 30 Apr 2019

    Ontario and Alberta are two provinces in Canada that continue to offer publicly-funded school options under a Catholic banner. Learn more about them.

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