General FAQ's

Is there a deadline for registration?

All applications are treated on the first come, first serve basis. We accept registrants until the programmes are filled to capacity, at which point we’ll post on the website that the programme is closed/full.

How do I register?

For international inquiries, CISS works closely with local representatives in many countries around the world who can assist with the registration process. Please fill out our Request Information form, and we will be happy to either refer to you an representative in your area or, if no representative is available, we will continue to provide you with information.

We have relatives who live close to one of your programmes. Can my child live with our relatives and attend your programme?

All CISS programmes are full-time programmes providing accommodation as part of the experience. We do not typically allow campers or students to attend our programmes only during the day.

Does my child need a visa to come to Canada?

All students attending a study programme with a duration of six months or longer require a Study Permit to enter Canada. Campers and students who come for a summer programme (or any programme with a duration of six months or less) do not require a Study Permit. Certain nationalities will require a Temporary Resident Visa (TVR). Please refer to the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration website for a complete listing of countries that require a TVR, and complete details about travelling to Canada: www.cic.gc.ca.

Must my child share a room with other campers or students?

The answer depends on the particular programme and accommodation available. In our camp programmes, sharing a room with other campers should be expected. In certain city residential programmes, it may be possible that the residence provides for single rooms. In all cases where sharing is required, CISS does our best to mix nationalities and language groups. In all cases, boys and girls are separated.

Are towels, sleeping bags, bedding, and pillows provided?

In most programmes, bed linens, pillows, and blankets are provided, and linen is changed once a week. At Swallowdale Camp, sleeping bags are provided. Towels may be provided, depending on the location, but students should bring their own beach towel. Please refer to the For Parents section on the individual programme page for a complete list of what is included.

If my child needs money during their stay, how can I get it to them? Is there an automatic teller machine (ATM) on-site?

We recommend that students bring sufficient spending money to cover optional activities and personal spending. Upon arrival at the programme, the Camp Director will hold the money in safe keeping. Students can withdraw funds for shopping on designated "banking days" at the programme. Depending on the programme, ATM machines may be available to students on the campus, and all shopping malls have ATMs available. If your child has a bank card that matches the systems used in Canada, he or she should be able to withdraw funds from these bank machines. CISS also has a procedure in place in the event you need to forward emergency money to your child. Please discuss this with your local representative.

Can a family member/friend take my child off-site during their stay at your programme?

Although we welcome guests visiting our programmes, these visits can sometimes be disruptive to the operation. Therefore, we require that all visitors adhere to our strict policy, which includes receiving in advance a written notice from the natural parents/guardians advising who the visitor will be and the details of the visit. The safety of our children is our top priority, and we will not permit any visitor who has not provided the necessary information.

Can our children sign up for optional activities at the programme or do they have to sign up in advance? How can these activities be paid for (cash/credit card/debit/travelers cheques)?

A list of optional activities is provided to all campers and students upon arrival at the programme. Campers or students decide at that time which activities they wish to sign up for. Payment for these activities is taken out of the account of spending money that has been set up at the programme. Your representative should be able to advise you about the average weekly spending on optional activities on a per-programme basis.

What is the registration deadline?

All applications are treated on the first come, first serve basis, so the sooner you apply, the better. We accept registrants until the programmes are filled to capacity. For the summer programmes, we post on the website what programmes are closed for what start dates or languages.