Camp FAQ's

How can we contact our children at camp?

Students at most of our programmes have access to computers.  This may be limited access at the programme itself or at local internet cafés.  We recommend that you establish a web-based email address that your child can log into via the internet. At our camps, computer time may be more limited, but campers should be permitted to use email a few times per week.  Campers and students do not have access to camp office telephones.  Some residences are equipped with pay telephones from which students can make outgoing calls using a calling card. Incoming calls from parents to the camp office or to the CISS head office should only be made in cases of emergency as we will not disrupt either classes or programming for personal calls that are not of an urgent nature. Cellular or mobile phones are not permitted during class time or on excursions at any programme. At Swallowdale Camp and Lakefield Camp smart phones and other electronic communication devices are only permitted on full day excursion days.

Can our children sign up for optional activities at the programme or do they have to sign up in advance? How can these activities be paid for (cash/credit card/debit)?

A list of optional activities is provided to all campers and students upon arrival at the programme. Campers or students decide at that time which activities they wish to sign up for. Payment for these activities is taken out of the account of spending money that has been set up at the programme. Your representative should be able to advise you about the average weekly spending on optional activities on a per-programme basis.

What is the address of the school my child will be staying?

Participants will receive a Student/Parent Handbook prior to arrival with address and location details. Besdes that, the programme pages offer a map indicating the location of each of our camps.

Is my child required to pay any deposits on arrival?

Students are not required to pay deposits, except in the city campuses where laundry is not included.  Laundry cards are available for $10 CAD deposit (refunded upon return) plus the cost of laundry loads. Students should also be aware that a replacement fee is charged if room keys are lost, charge will vary by campus.

Is there Wifi on campus…can my child bring a phone/tablet?

Wifi availability will vary by specific campus. Please refer to the brochure for the individual programme to obtain Wifi information.

Students who bring their own mobile or cellular phones to the programmes do so at their own risk. The use of mobile or cellular phones during the programme is disruptive and undermines the purpose of the immersion experience. Therefore use of mobile or cellular phones is not permitted during class time or during scheduled activity periods. Disregard for this policy may result in the phone being confiscated for the duration of the programme, and returned upon departure. 

Cellular/Mobile phone use is strictly limited at Lakefield Camp.

Is medical insurance included?

For INTERNATIONAL campers/students: CISS includes emergency medical and dental insurance up to $100,000 CAD.

For CANADIAN OR US residents:  provincial medical coverage applies for students who are residents of the province in which the programme operates.  If the student is from another Canadian province, the family will need to verify with their provincial health care policies and/or arrange for additional coverage.  Students from the USA must arrange for emergency out of country medial and dental insurance.